Elite Rugby Development Academy is for players from U13s through to open age wanting to improve their game; whether that be improving general or specific skills/techniques or maybe increasing those fitness levels we at Elite Rugby Development Academy dedicate all our time in every area you need to improve on. We utilize proven techniques used by clubs both in Super League and the NRL as well as all the latest up to Date methods and techniques in the fitness industry. Our ultimate goal is to help players progress up the rugby development ladder with your ultimate goal of playing representative/ professional rugby.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Elite Rugby Development Academy we believe we are unique to other development camps due to the fact we work with players on an individual basis, Elite Rugby Development Academy is believed to be one of, if not the only one in the UK to offer this to players outside of the professional clubs structures. We look at players individuals needs rather than a team’s needs in which most player’s weaknesses never get properly analysed and rectified. Elite Rugby Development Academy also aims to educate players on injury prevention as well as Nutrition & Lifestyle. Each player will be tested ever 4 weeks on the areas they have been working on as well as regular Fitness tests and body composition monitoring. Along with this each player will be given dietary/nutrition advice and set training plans to work on whist away from the Academy.

The Academy creates an elite environment that focus on developing the entire rugby player.

We here believe that Elite Rugby Development Academy is key in helping our future players reach their full potential, in the same way the Aussies have been doing for years...Hence the reason they always have a step up on our Players.